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Adress : P.O Box 27109


Phone number : 251(international code) 112708077


Fax : 251 11706193


Email : /


Website :





Our office is located in the Asko area, in the west of Addis Ababa.In the capital city, the areas do not have streets name or house number, so if you want to visit us, ask the taxi driver to drop you in front of the mosque in Asko, and we will come to pick you up.

With minibus, you have to go to Giorgis area - near Piazza - down the Church and ask for a minibus that goes to Wingate. Then, cross the street under the highway bridge, walk to the mosque and we will pick you up to our office. Do not hesitate to call us or to ask someone in the street if you are not sure of the direction you follow.

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