Afar Priority Project

Afar National Regional State Non Formal Education Introduction While the strengthening and extension of various forms of mobile schools should be pursued, village schools in pastoral areas may in the future plays a larger role in the education of pastorals. It provided that such education is given as part of a more comprehensive development package controlled to some degree by the parents and also the curricula are relevant to the found school education system and it has been a sustainable in put to the formal education. The Major Problems in the area One of the most important causes of poverty in the area is illiteracy, which is resulted from lack of schools and teachers. Also, the low level awareness of the community has an influence to undertake education in the area in a well-established manner. Parents are preferred that their children are become a shepherd field or working in the house rather than go to school. YCDMF responses to the problems We have encouraging experiences in the domain of non-formal education undertaking in the village school at the remote nomadic area of Afar pastoral region at Gewane town, Ayroli and Gebaya Bora Farmer associations. The education is provided at near their home in one teacher, one room and the school identical to their house system. It is given by two shifts, which are the students get a leisure time to help their families. More than 500 children have now been attending in the non-formal education stream. We have now providing the program with:  Supplementary food  Sport material  School Material  House Uniform  House Utensils (pan, caps)  Constructed two village schools  Teachers employed What do beneficiaries say? Sehim Edum, the beneficiary of the program said that YCDMF is exerting relentless efforts in its educational intervention to alleviate problems witnessed in the education sector in the area. His two children have now been learning in the non-formal education stream by the support of YCDMF. They can now able to read and write. The Cost of project The Cost for project implementation will be USD 150,000. NB. The detail project proposal will submit upon request
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