About us

Yeteem's permanent Staff


Executive Director : Ato Yimer Mohammed

Deputy Director : Ato Yadeta Kororsa

Project Officer : Dinkinesh Amosha

Project Coordinator : W/ro Yalemzewd Yimer

Purchaser : W/rit Aster Getachew

Secretary : W/rit Emebet Mideksa


Organizational setting

At the apex, YCDMF is over seen by a General Assembly and a board of directors consisting of voluntary and highly responsible members headed by Chairperson and a General Secretary.

The General Assembly of YCDMF, established as the supreme body of the organization, shall review and decide on all affairs of the organization. 

The board of YCDMF, accountable to the General Assembly, shall meet monthly to formalize various monitoring and evaluation tools to gauge the performance of the organization in relation to its objectives and goals.



Organizational Identity

Vision : Yeteem aspires to overcome the impoverishment of destitute mothers and children by enabling them fulfil their material and social needs and become healthy and self reliant citizens of the nation.

Mission : to create conducive environment for disadvantaged people particularly destitute mothers and children to have control over their own livelihood through provision of skill training and provision of basic needs, health and education services.

Value : the philosophy underpinning the mission of YCDMF is equal opportunity for all without racial, color, gender, language, religious & ethnic discrimination and Yeteem will staunchly believe in respecting this values in all its endeavor. And also YCDMF will abide by the policy, rules and regulations of the government in implementing its programs.


- to properly bring up poor children to self – reliant & self – supportive citizen
-to create a new understanding of gender and gender relations, as well as elimination of harmful traditional practices
- to create food self-sufficient for semi- nomadic households in Afar  region
- to contribute towards environmental protection and resource conservation through planting trees and protecting soil
- to create opportunities of learning for children and women who have no access to formal schools
- to provide integrated community based health services
- to enhance poverty alleviation programs
- to Promote or reinforce the importance of human rights in the democratization process.  



The need for Strategic planning management

YCDMF, since its inception in 1991 has made its at most effort in implementing projects conceived to alleviate target groups problems and development constraints. However, Yeteem still requires to tackle some problems in the future. In this regard, the formulation of strategic plan is crucial to achieve the organization’s objectives and goals.

For the very reason that is the stage that an organization has reached  the need for well – sought strategic plan to be put in place. Because it enables an organization to look into the future in an orderly and systematic way. Further more, this strategic plan is formulated to match the work of our organization to the  eight Millennium Development Goals that world leaders agreed in September 2000 which is conducive to development and the elimination of poverty by 2015. The eight goals targeted are: achieving universal primary education, eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, promote gender equality and empower women, reduce child mortality, improve maternal health, ensure environmental sustainability, combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases. Hence, the need to formulate this strategic development plan is very much important and imperative. Generally speaking, the need for the adoption of this strategic plan is to refine or elaborate the coming years, and to realize and set direction of YCDMF.    

To sum up, it is much important to recognize the efforts made by the planning team for their contribution to bring this strategic planning into reality. This core planning team was comprised of the executive director, board members, Administrator, project officer, finance officer, education and training department. The core planning team members together with a consultant, has concerted relentless efforts to critically review the past performances of YCDMF and identify the critical issues with their alternative strategies or solutions.


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